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Are your patients experiencing pelvic floor or women’s health difficulties; rushing to the bathroom, leaking urine with coughing, laughing or sneezing, trouble starting to urinate? Or do they have other diagnostic conditions like Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Pelvic Pain, Chronic Constipation, Coccydynia, Organ Pro-lapse, Chronic SI Joint Pain, Dyspareunia, Vulvodynia, as well as Pre and Post surgery needs? If so, Trisha Phelps, Occupational Therapist, can instruct them on techniques to alleviate their discomfort and symptoms. Trisha Phelps ensures patients a comfortable, private, and relaxing environment using the latest therapies, exercise and modalities to minimize their pain and discomfort.

Take your life back…

     Helping women regain control over their bodies is the number one priority of care – whether it is overcoming chronic vulva pain, painful intercourse, loss of bladder or bowel control, constipation, or pain and dysfunction during and after pregnancy.

Patients With Pelvic Floor Tension

     Pelvic pain or tension in the muscles that support the bladder, uterus and rectum may result in difficulty sitting, pain during intercourse, constipation, or pain in the hips or lower abdomen. This may be due to muscle, nerve or joint pain and dysfunction. Therapy includes pelvic floor relaxation, manual therapy and biofeedback.

     Pelvic and abdominal pain can be effectively treated with conservative therapy techniques. A full musculoskeletal and pelvic floor evaluation by a licensed Occupational Therapist (specifically trained in the evaluation and treatment of pelvic pain) will determine the plan and course of treatment.

Pregnancy Pain?

     Progressive Rehab and Sports Therapy is helping women regain control over their bodies and is the #1 one priority of our women’s health care program!

A variety of manual therapy & treatments available:

  • Relaxed Awareness of the Pelvic Muscles
  • Assisted Pelvic Muscle Tightening
  • Quick Contractions of the Urogenital Diaphragm 
  • Physiological Quieting Techniques
  • Pregnancy Bracing